Get all WinRT application from regular Desktop application. Part 2.

Let’s continue with WinRT APIs. On the previous post I described how to get all WinRT application. Now I’m going to get some data from these applications. Continue reading


XP days in Kiev, Ukraine

Few days ago (on November, 16-17) I was at one of the biggest Ukraine conference related to agile engineering practices. The main topics were Unit Testing, TDD, Continuous Integration, BDD, Code Review, Refactoring, Acceptance Testing and etc. More about conference you can read here and about all session here.

This time there were a lot of different speakers of over the all country the word, such as UK, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, of course Ukraine and even Australia and USA.

Comparable to Belgium our Ukraine IT events of course are not so interesting and technically high. However, just we can do it better! J First day of conference wasn’t really good. And unfortunately, I’ve chose English speaker’s scene where wasn’t really interesting. However, second day was much-much better! Here I’d like to emphasize just three fantastic lectures on my opinion:

  • The frustrated architect (Simon Brown, UK) — the speaker was very enthusiastic. No agile dogmas, only real examples about the role of software architecture in agile.
  • Enabling TDD in BigData world (Vyacheslav Moskalenko, Ukraine) — there was only own expedience from his project about NoSQL solutions, ways to test it and TDD for big data. It was interesting for me, especially because I’ve never worked with this kind of project. Hope to solve this misunderstanding soon J
  • Agile Anti-Patterns (by Sander Hoogendoorn, Netherlands) — absolutely awesome lecture and speaker! It was very inspiring, energetic and fun, lots of fun! I’m waiting for video from this session and would like to show some dogmatic agile “experts”. Because I’m a little bit tied from “Agile projects can’t fail! And waterfall projects always fail because it’s waterfall”. Especially, if you are doing agile + TDD — you don’t have a choose, only success J This speaker told us about a lot of dogmas which people just doing only because they think it will be real agile. I like his critics (especially because I’m “2 days certificated scrum master” as Sander said). And I’m completely agreed that people are doing a lot of this crap, just because other ways it would be true agile!

Now I’m waiting for the videos from the conference and will try to add it ASAP to this post.

At the end, XP days was successful at my opinion. Thank a lot to all people how it did. Hope to join as a speaker someday.

Top 15 Ways Chuck Norris messes with Agile

A non-exhaustive compendium of Chuck Norris jokes that were found on the Web – and some of our own – concerning Agile Project Management. Enjoy and add yours.

  1. Chuck Norris always starts his projects with a Roundhouse-Kickoff.
  2. Chuck Norris is ScrumMaster and ProductOwner – simultaneously.
  3. Chuck Norris always wins at Planning Poker.
  4. Chuck Norris does not estimate, he knows.
  5. Chuck Norris can do 6-month sprints.
  6. Chuck Norris does not move story cards, he moves the taskboard.
  7. When Chuck Norris says “done”, believe me, it’s “done”.
  8. Even Chuck Norris is not allowed to be late at the stand-up meeting. Now you tell him.
  9. Chuck Norris can do a thousand sit-ups during the stand-up meeting.
  10. Chuck Norris answers just two questions on the stand-up meeting. Chuck Norris does not know obstacles.
  11. Chuck Norris is not afraid of bugs, bugs are afraid of him – really afraid.
  12. Chuck Norris does not do Kanban. He cannot get any leaner and he’s always there just in time!
  13. Chuck Norris pairs alone.
  14. Chuck Norris doesn’t do burn-down Charts, he does Smack-Down charts.
  15. Chuck Norris doesn’t iterate. It’s right the first time, forever.

Contribute to the list by adding yours in the comments!

This funny article was found on this link. BTW: I found really beneficial software Planbox is an Agile Project Management Tool that goes beyond software development.

Hello world!

This is my obligatory “Hello World” post. I would like to take some time and welcome you to the my C#, WPF/Silverlight blog and cover some initial thoughts.
Many times I’ve found the answer to a tough problem from some generous soul on the Web, so I wish to repay the favor. Plus I suppose I have a story to tell that software developers and entrepreneurs may find educational, if not entertaining.
This blog is a product of my work and interests.