My podcast list.

This article is not a deep technical but it would be useful for .net developers. Today I would like to write about my podcast list and hope I’ll get a feedback with podcasts which are good for you.

So what actually I’ve on my iPhone:


  • .NET Rocks (English) — this is my favourite .NET podcast also this one is the oldest one. There is a lot of new information, always fun and interesting. Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are doing a great job.
  • herding {code} (English) — also interesting and useful podcast with a variety range of topics.
  • Dot Band (Russian) — this podcast first of all interesting because I can get feedback about .NET rumours in Ukrainian community.
  • Hanselminutes (English) — no comments, this is just a Scott Hanselman!
  • Radio-T (Russian) — an interesting podcast about IT world trends.

Because I’m not a native English speaker my list also includes some of the English learning podcast:

If you need more, Scott Hanselman also has a great list of .Net podcasts. You can find it here.

I’m pretty sure that there are lots of other good podcasts. However, this list gives me a lot of interesting and new information. Also our time schedule is not as flexible as we want, however I can listen this whole list on a week. Unfortunately for now I don’t have a time to add one more a good podcast.

I’ll try to keep this list up-to-date.