MailMessage tool for sending any attachments at Windows Phone.

Just for fun or maybe every C# developer should play with Windows Phone; however I’ve started to develop my Windows Phone application. I wouldn’t say about an idea of the application, but as usual there are an email sending and some social functions.

I was really surprised that EmailComposeTask can’t send any types of attachments and EVER html! The reason of it is that all Tasks at Windows Phone SDK are limited by 64k (for example EmailComposeTask’s message body can’t exit of this size).

So I was thinking about following approach:

  • send data to a web service that forwards the file to an email address;
  • upload file to the some cloud storage;

Fortunately I’ve found a great tool which solved all these obstacles. This is a MailMessage (now there is a 1.2.1 version). You can easily send any type of attachments (pdf, mp3, wav, mp4, avi, bmp, txt, zip, jpg, png…) from your application and ever html with the MailMessage library.

Also it has an extremely fast and good support (which is on my opinion the one of the significant characteristic of good tool). I don’t want to add some code example here because everything what you need you can find at product page.

Thanks for the great tool!