SQL Server days 2011. Second day.

15 of November was second day of SQL Server days. Whole day I spent in San Marco Village with 6 lectures. As I wrote in first topic you can find agenda here. I’ve choose following:

  1. Migrating applications to SQL Azure ( Cihan Biyikoglu)
  2. Ten Things Every Developer Should Know ( Kevin Kline)
  3. Extending the reach of Microsoft BI to virtually any mobile device ( Real Dolmen)
  4. Table indexing for the .Net developer ( Denny Cherry)
  5. iPad and PowerPivot ( Jennifer Stirrup)
  6. Extending to Public / Private cloud ( Lubor Kollar)

The today’s Cihan Biyikoglu’s lecture was more smarter for me and interesting (but maybe there is a reason because it was a first lectureJ). You can find some info here. I knew lots of information about federation in SQL Azure. It was absolutely new for me.

Lecture of Kevin Kline was completely fantastic. He’s really god speakers. There were funny jokes, some interesting images in presentation and ever Darth Vader’s song! The main topic of speech was performance in sql queries, selecting and improvement of your query and how developers can help and made DBA’s job J

    The most interesting lecture for me was “Table indexing for the .Net developer” Denny Cherry. The information was absolutely useful and very high-oriented! I like the speaker, he wasn’t boring.

    All other reports were really boring and nothing interesting.

In conclusion I would like to maintain SQL Server days 2011 has turned fine! Thank you all lectures for their time and job. I’s happy to be a part of this event! So now I very much look to the TechDays 2012.


SQL Server days 2011.

Today I’ve been on the first day of SQL Server days 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium. This is the agenda. In my opinion there were around 300-350 IT-professionals. First of all, I’d like maintain on good organization of this event. There were a lot of parking spaces, good hall and of course tea/cola and cakes ;-).

Secondly, I really like topics. They are really on cutting edge, lots of new applications and products which we will see on the 2012 year. Also almost all speakers were from Microsoft. You can find the list of them here.

Personally I on the first day agenda was following:

  • Opening Keynote (Dandy Weyn & Wesley Backelant);
  • Windows Azure Platform Roadmap (Cihan Biyikoglu)
  • Federations: Building large scale applications on SQL Azure (Cihan Biyikoglu)

Maybe I should take more SQL server topics, but after first one I decided spend all my time to the Microsoft Azure. I really like Dandy Weyn’s speech. He was so dedicated and belief on the Microsoft products, that new SQL server 2012 is the best products. BUT I don’t believe that there isn’t any problem place and problems! And without these things all speech was just like a marketing advertisement.

However, new SQL server 2012 seams have really good innovative features such as:

  1. Improvement performance around 44% with new Column Store Index;
  2. AlwaysOn Availability Groups (Clustering + Mirroring + Replication);

I’m 100% sure that it would be useful. Also there are a lot of new features for business oriented people.

Also Cihan Biyikoglu gave us a lot of information about Azure, new features of it and building a scale application with a SQL Azure. It was very interesting! …but information without interesting demos (maybe because we didn’t have lots of time) was really boring. But maybe it was only my problem.

Thanks Dandy and Cihan for new information, for his time and love on these products. They are really enjoy what they are doing. Everything was fantastic!

Tomorrow second day of SQL server days 2011 is waiting for me 😉

P.S. On other hand it’s really sad that Ukrainian specialists don’t have such events. As a result, it impacts on whole Ukrainian start-ups, companies and all IT-area.

Silverlight: stretch ListBoxItem horizontally.

Very often you need to stretch your ListBoxItem horizontally. If the ListBox is simple (without ItemTemplate), there is easy solution: just add


to the ListBox.

However, in second way the solution is easy too. But frequently we spend a lot of time to fix it. There is a solution:

<Style TargetType=”ListBoxItem”>
<Setter Property=”HorizontalContentAlignment” Value=”Stretch”></Setter>