Disable XAML Designer in Visual Studio 2010

XAML designer is always opened by default in Visual Studio. I don’t like this behavior. Especially because I usually use just Xaml mode without Design mode.

So please don’t waste your time on closing this window each time and switch off it eventually. You can do it by selection following option:

Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> XAML -> Miscellaneus

And select “Always open documents in full XAML view” under.


Python Tools for Visual Studio

Last 6 months I’m looking not only Microsoft technologies. I’m using Objective-C and Python languages now.

I’ve awesome news: Microsoft released a new beta of the Python Tools for Visual Studio.

Python Tools for Visual Studio is a free & open source plug-in for Visual Studio 2010. The Python tools are put together by a small team from Microsoft’s Technical Computing Group and released on Codeplex.

An integrated environment for developing Python in VS2010

  • Advanced editing, Intellisense, browsing, “Find all refs”, REPL, …
  • Supports CPython and IronPython
  • Local & Cluster/remote debugging
  • Profiling with multiple views
  • Interactive parallel computing via integrated IPython REPL
  • Support for HPC clusters and MPI, including debugging support
  • NumPy & SciPy for .Net
  • Support for Cloud Computing (soon)
  • Support for Dryad (large scale, data-intensive parallel programming) (soon)
  • Free & Open Source (Apache 2.0)

There are a few screens: